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Less than full-time training


Are you working less than full time (LTFT), or considering such a move? If so, the following information will help you to manage this move and your ongoing professional development.

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider less than full-time training. Spending time with your baby or child is not the only reason. You might be caring for an ill or disabled partner, relative or other dependent, or have a disability or health problem yourself. If you are undertaking certain kinds of professional development it may also be possible to be accepted for LTFT. In order to be accepted for LTFT you need to fulfil certain criteria, which are explained here.

Although working LTFT has many benefits it can also be a challenge. It is important to plan your working arrangements and patterns very carefully.

Also consider:

  • Your income. Reduced hours means less take-home pay. Have you budgeted carefully for this?  (However, a reduced income might increase your entitlement to child benefit if you are a parent)
  • Where you want to be both now and in the future. This means setting short-term and long- term goals

Although working LTFT has its many benefits, it can also be a challenge. Recent research carried out by the Medical Women’s Federation has shown that those working LTFT feel they are often taken less seriously than their full-time colleagues and it was often difficult to attend training and to demonstrate commitment through working longer hours. Here, we hope to provide you with some advice that could lessen this challenge and help you to maintain a balanced, manageable and professional career.

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The Association for Anaesthetists of GB and Ireland (AAGBI) has produced an A-Z guide on less than full-time training in anaesthetics.

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