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less than full time

Are you working less than full time (LTFT), or considering such a move?  If so, the following information will help you to manage this move and your ongoing professional development.

It is clear that the medical workforce is changing.  Part-time working is not just an issue for mothers or indeed for women and there are a number of reasons why people decide to work part-time, such as disability and ill-health, or they are caring for an ill/disabled partner, relative or other dependent.

Although working LTFT has its many benefits, it can also be a challenge.  Recent research carried out by the Medical Women’s Federation has shown that part-timers feel they are often taken less seriously than their full-time colleagues and it was often difficult to attend training and to demonstrate commitment through working longer hours.  Here, we hope to provide you with some advice that could lessen this challenge and help you to maintain a balanced, manageable and professional career.


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