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Female trainee in labIntroduction to Career Awareness

NHS Medical Careers provides guidance on how to begin planning for your career well before you reach the stage where you have to apply for a particular specialty.

Medical school is a chance for you to learn more about yourself and what aspects of medical work you enjoy (or don’t like so much). You are also provided with many opportunities to explore different specialties and we would advocate that you make the most of these.

Developing career awareness as early as possible will be key to your success to finding a fulfilling role later on in your professional life.

Making the most of your years at medical school

Using your years at medical school to their full potential can also help you in your foundation applications and is a good basis for building on your experience for applications you may make further on in your career.

A career in medicine is highly competitive; therefore it goes without saying that trying to do your best academically at university is important as well as making an effort to gain extra experiences / academic achievements (e.g. posters/publications/BSc/prizes) to distinguish yourself. As well as the academic aspect to medical school you are presented with many opportunities that if approached with just a bit of extra thought can help you in making a career decision later on in life. Therefore, we have information on how you can make the most of the following opportunities available:

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Finally, your medical school will have a careers advisory service, so make the most of them. We would advise you to try to go at least once during your time at medical school. Your careers service will usually have quick drop in sessions, of 15 or 20 minutes where you can talk confidentially on a one to one basis with a careers adviser. This can sometimes lead to a longer session if it is felt necessary.


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