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Intercalated Degrees

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Completing an intercalated degree is an opportunity to obtain a further qualification whilst studying your MBBS. The qualification is usually a year in length and the qualification you will obtain will be a BSc, BMedSci, BA or MMedSec in a medical related subject. You would take a break from your MBBS and the extra year will usually be between year 2 and 3, year 3 and 4, or year 4 and 5, depending on your medical school.

Some medical schools expect all medical students to complete an intercalated degree. For other medical schools you will need to apply. You need to bear in mind that entry is very competitive, especially for the more popular degree courses.

Intercalated degrees

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From a careers’ point of view completing an intercalated degree can give you some valuable experience in research and can help bolster your application to the foundation programme and future applications to specialty.  Intercalated degrees are of particular interest to those who are thinking of completing an academic career in medicine, or those interested in medical education. The intercalated degree will give students a chance to study topics in a greater depth and to become familiar with scientific techniques and methods of research.

You will learn some important transferable skills on how to critically evaluate evidence. It is important to choose a degree that is in a subject area that particularly interests you. You can also take the opportunity to use this time to explore more about a specialty that you might be considering for the future.

In addition, you will also have the possibility of obtaining prizes for your research work and also you may have the opportunity to present your work at national or international meetings, or to publish the work in an appropriate medical journal.

Your medical school website is the best source of information on the intercalated degrees available to you. You may also have the option of going to another university, however often there are strict criteria on whether you can do so or not.


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