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Applications For Foundation Programmes

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When you apply to the foundation programme there are various factors that you should consider. Here we give you a guide to what you should be thinking about whilst making your application.

The UK Foundation Programme Office has published the timetable and documentation for the next recruitment round.

The dates are as follows:


14 July - 14 August 2014

Eligibility application submission period

26 August 2014

Academic Foundation Programmes available to view

From 29 Sept 2014

Register and enrol on FPAS. All programmes available to view

6 - 17 October 2014

Application period for FP and AFP applications

20 October 2014

AFP local short-listing and interviews

5 December 2014

First SJT date

9 January 2015

Second SJT date

21 January 2015

AFP national offers

28 January - 18 February 2015

AFP cascade of offers

5 March 2015

Primary list applicants informed of allocation to foundation school for FP

6 March - 7 April 2015

Online references collected

8 April 2015

Primary list applicants informed of match to programme results



There are two types of foundation programmes, one is referred to simply as the ‘foundation programme’ and the other is called the ‘academic foundation programme’.  Entry to these programmes is very competitive and there are much fewer academic foundation programmes per foundation school compared to the foundation programme. From 2013 entry deadlines for the Academic Foundation Programmes are to be the same as for the other Foundation Programmes. (see time-line at the top of the page).

These programmes are designed for those

  • that attain a very high academic achievement in their medical degree (first-class degree, prizes etc).
  • would like to pursue a career as an academic at university.

The UKFPO states that only 5% of foundation applicants apply to the academic foundation programme.

Most but not all foundation schools hold academic foundation programmes.

The UKFPO website has details on academic programmes. The UKFPO also has a very useful Rough Guide to the Academic Foundation Programme.

N.B. There are also a few Academic roles in F2 that you can apply for during your F1 years (you would have to check on foundation school websites/NHS Jobs/BMJ careers for details of these).



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