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Medical Careers Quiz

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This quiz is aimed at year 11s and year 12s. Most, but not all answers can be found on this website.

1. How many medical specialties are there in the UK?

A: 15    B: 32    C: 64    D: 97

2. How many years does it usually take to train to become a doctor (from the beginning of medical school to becoming fully-qualified as a consultant or GP).

N.B. it varies depending on which medical training pathway you take.

A: between 5 and 7        B: between 9 and 16     C: between 12 and 19

3. Which of the following is NOT a medical specialty:

A: Paediatrics    B: Ophthalmology          C: Endocrinology           D: Ofphomology

4. Which statement is NOT true about an intercalated degree?

A: All medical schools expect students to complete one

B: It usually takes a year to complete     

C: It is particularly useful if you are considering a career in academic medicine.     

5. Where can approximately 50% of specialty trainee/medical practitioner opportunities be found?

A: Surgery         B: Pathology     C: General Practice        D: Radiology

6. Which one of these famous people is not a real doctor?

A: Harry Hill       B: Hilary Jones  C: Elizabeth Garrett       D: Gregory House

7. Geriatric medicine deals with what sort of area of medicine?

A: The illnesses of older people

B: Diabetes

C: The illnesses of babies

D: Cancer

8. Name at least three specialties in medicine which focus on the care of one particular part of the body.

9. Which specialty usually forms the largest department in any hospital?

A: Paediatrics    B: Anaesthetics             C: Surgery         D: Cardiology

10. There is a type of organisation which looks after postgraduate education and training for doctors, after they have graduated from medical school. What is this type of organisation called?

A: Local Education Thinking Board      B: Local Education Trust Board     C: Local Education Training Board

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The answers to this quiz can be found here


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