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Graduate Entry Programme

young doctorGraduate Entry Programmes (GEPs) have been in existence in the UK since 2000 and the accelerated programme has been created for those who have already gained a first degree. They provide an opportunity to study medicine for those who are ready for a career change.

The GEP degree should normally take four years to complete instead of the usual five; the reason for this is because if you already have a degree you should already possess well-developed learning skills and good critical reasoning skills etc. However, if you are a graduate you may still decide to complete a five-year undergraduate course as it will be less intensive. Many graduates decide that they would prefer to do this. Some medical schools offer a five-year undergraduate programme with no reduction for those who already hold a first degree. Two examples of where this is the case are: Brighton and Sussex Medical School and University of East Anglia. The UCAS website will have further information on such courses.

If you do not hold a degree in a scientific area or you did not gain a 2:1 or above, it may be wise for you to complete an Access to Medicine course prior to applying for medical school. These are usually run by colleges of further education. It is advisable to think first whether you would want to do this course, as it may not be necessary. Some universities take on students on their GEP with a degree in a non-scientific subject and without the access to medicine course. Swansea is one example, and again, it would be wise to check the information on the UCAS website.

The Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) is a test that some of the GEPs set prior to accepting you on a course. The GAMSAT UK website has more information on this test and it would be advisable to check with the individual medical school to see if they use it.

See our page on applying to medical school for further details on the application form and the interview for medical school.

For a list of schools which run Graduate Entry Programmes, see our further information pages.

For information on bursaries/funding for GEPs in 2014/15 see the page dedicated to it on the BMA website.

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