Personality type

For this section, you will need to have completed a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) questionnaire. This test examines and helps you understand how your behaviour is determined by the way you use your perception and judgement.It is highly recommended you undertake the test with a trained MBTI administrator. For a fee they can help you interpret your results and understand your personality type. Your careers adviser either at your medical school, deanery or your employer’s HR department may be useful in helping you complete your MBTI questionnaire. You may also identify an appropriately qualified test administrator through the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Guidelines for assessors

Guidelines have been developed for when your MBTI practitioner explains how MBTI results can be used in your medical career planning process.  They provide a summary of recent research findings regarding the relationship between MBTI and medical specialty choice.

Go here and print a copy of the guidelines to take with you when you get your MBTI feedback

The personality type tool

Once you have received your MBTI results you can use the  personality type tool.

Click here to start

Some interesting articles

Understanding personality type: Introducing personality type - BMJ Careers article by Anita Houghton

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What's My Type? Psychological type: a self assessment programme - Anita Houghton


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