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Some Decision Making Tools

In this section we provide you with some useful tools that are designed to help you consider decisions in a thoughtful and coherent way.  At first, this may seem labour-intensive but rest assured that these exercises can provide a structure and balance that just ‘thinking things through’ cannot.  If you choose to you use them, bear in mind: 

• Different people make decisions in different ways – if you have a method that works then use it!
• You must take responsibility for your own decisions.  Good decisions come from examining the reasons that underpin them and these tools will help you to do this.
• If one approach doesn’t work, try adopting a different strategy.
• You can only make a decision based on the information known at the time.  Do you need to do some more research?
• Perfect solutions to decisions are rare.  Strive to make a decision which best fits your ideal criteria in light of your current circumstances.



Other Resources

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