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The choice of your specialty is a decision which is going to affect the rest of your career, so thorough research is critical. Don’t rely on preconceptions. Before opting for a particular area you should have a considerable knowledge not just of the specialty, but the environment in which you’ll be working and the patients you will be treating..

In this section we look at ways in which you can research your future career options and examine alternatives to clinical practice or working in the NHS. We also have information on other subjects such as medical training abroad and working less than full-time. (Look to the left-hand pane to navigate to the information).

Tools and resources

Here you'll find other sources of information and advice that will help you in your decision making about your future career.  These resources will provide you with further details about career planning, choosing a specialty and postgraduate medical training.  Links to useful sites include links to the medical royal colleges, regulatory authorities and local education and training boards (LETBs), as well as a list of books you may find helpful.

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