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female doctorNHS Medical Careers is a four-step career planning guide designed to assist you in understanding your options for choosing your future career as a doctor in the NHS.

All thoughtful career planning processes, while not quick or easy, will help ensure your future career satisfaction. As you begin, keep in mind that:

  • There are no easy answers that will tell you what specialty is best for you.
  • You may find a number of specialty paths that may be equally satisfying.
  • Making good career decisions requires work.
  • Getting information and feedback from mentors, tutors and educational supervisors will help you make this decision.
  • You are in charge of your own career and you must be proactive.

NHS Medical Careers has been developed to guide you through the necessary steps to help you make career decisions in an efficient and effective way. 

There are four steps to the programme:

self assessment
career exploration
decision making
plan implementation

Following this process you can:

  • Work with online self-assessment tools to discover key skill and personality traits and how they may  relate to your medical career.
  • Log and keep track of your progress in your secure personal profile.
  • Find out about different specialties from our archive of in-depth profiles.
  • Use decision making tools to make practical analysis of options.
  • Find out what options are available in the specialties you are considering for your future career.


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